Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nov 21 2010

Not much positive progress AGAIN! So while I was waiting for my inner wing to be delivered, The penny dropped that I wouldn't be able to fit it with I the front subby in place. DUH! Needed the obligatory massive socket for that; so in the meantime, I had a go at the rear... :)

The bolts to the heel board might as well have been welded on, so I ended up chopping them off with the grinder as the whole area is a tragic mess anyway.

I must have swept up bucket loads of rotten mini!

Voila. Subframes!

I'd always thought the rear subframe was in pretty awful nick to my amateur's eye, but it turned out to be quite recent. Check out the heritage sticker still stuck to it. :D Hopefully the subframe can be rescued with a bit of light surgery.

Finally I get the call that my panel has arrived from BMH. Woohoo! So it was off to this awesome place...

Ta da! Lots of prep still to do, but can't wait to get started on this. After reading Erm's thread I'm now wondering if I should really be top coating joins before sticking them together. That would mean deciding on a final colour, of course. Hmmmmmmmm.
I also picked up the sheet steel in the background - 2sq meters of 1.9mm and a thicker gauge which I can't remember, and some lengths of angle for bracing the shell. I've already welded in a length across the middle.

So this is how the mini stands at the moment. I got two awesome pallets from someones skip which I got unreasonably excited about. (Yes I did ask before I took them!) Really glad I fitted some extra lighting in the garage because it seems to be dark outside whenever I get to work on the car nowadays!

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