Thursday, 30 December 2010

Scuttling off! LOL!

OS wing off! Steering rack bracket off! Other little rust traps OFF! (santa brought me a spot weld drill bit for christmas)

mmmm. crusty. I plan to clean bits like this up, kurust and paint, then stick them back on.

This is my first piece of sheet metal fabrication. I think it went quite well for a total amateur!

It was becoming clear that the scuttle had to come off to fit the inner wing. I'd been umming and arring about just getting repair panels for the corners, but in the end I splurged the extra cash on a full heritage scuttle so that I wouldn't have to risk any welds in the middle not being perfect. At this stage, I've got absolutely not idea how I'm going to treat the rust in the windscreen pillar! eek.

This is where I left it today. Hopefully this will be the last major chunk to come off before I can start rebuilding the near side.

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