Sunday, 17 May 2015

20 Months Later... and I've forgotten everything I once knew about mini restoration. HELP.

Hello Mini Lovers! It feels like I've been away forever, but I'm back on the project! 

That is - my wife has permitted me to spend a couple of hours a week in the garage. Whoop!

So, to pick up where I left off (over 18 months ago)... I started having a look at fitting up the doors.

Passenger side not too bad. I dug out the smiffy's bits door mounting gear I bought which is very nice to work with when you have to take the door off and on again 100 times.


Bottom edge needs a little trim.


Then laid the skin on but didn't want to embark on such a scary job on day 1, so left it there for now. :)


Will put the skin on this door as my next job. Have been looking around for tips but I guess its just a case of gently hammering the edges around the frame? Any words of wisdom much appreciated. :) 

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  1. Hey, good to see you back on the mini Richard. I'll be following the progress.