Sunday, 12 July 2015

How a-door-able!

More door fitting fun this weekend. Good job I'm a sucker for punishment! Struggled to get the driver's door to close at all due to some panel fitting 'inaccuracies' earlier in the project. Made some cuts into the A-post in an attempt to improve the situation, but to no avail. Eventually realised that many shims under the hinges was a better approach.


Closure not bad at the back.


Shocking at the front. Chopped the top corner of the A-panel out so that I could lever the panel outwards to get a better alignment with the door skin.


Following the example of Project Erm, I ordered in some welding rods to try to achieve some some sexier gaps.




More welding. Much patience required...


This whole area linished down.


Close up of the top of the A-panel. Such an awkward area. I was struggling to get this looking any better with the tools I've got, but I'm looking to pick up an electric die grinder soon to help me finish of these problem areas. Either that or a dollop of filler. 


Door back on. Situation not perfect, but improved.


With some primer.


Here is the project as it currently stands (without the driver's door on). OMG the doors are painful, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Boot lid next. :)



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