Sunday, 26 February 2017

Ebay: I Love You

Finally finished fitting up the doors. Phew! Taped up the extra holes on the door chassis. Also fitted the check straps and new rubbers.



Had a super lucky bargain find on ebay this week - a pair of nearly new cobra classic buckets with double locking subframes. I had put the money aside to buy this exact set up new, so I'm really happy to have a couple of nice seats for cheap, and some left over cash to help towards the engine. 


The seats are not fitted yet as I need to order some longer brackets, and maybe chop a bit off the front legs of the subframes. I'm 6' 4", so longer brackets are a must. Will set the steering column angle at the same time to get a nice driving position.


Current status: edging closer although still loads to do. After fitting the seats, the next job will be the boot lid seal and handle, then on to renovating the grille and putting in some lights.

The car is still sitting offensively high!


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