Sunday, 12 December 2010

Jul 31 2010

I spent 2 years thinking about it, and a few months psyching myself up, but I finally took the plunge. After some frantic ebaying action, this 'beauty' arrived...

First of all: lesson learned. Never buy anything on ebay without viewing it in person first. The car is clearly a disaster on wheels, but I love it anyway! As you can see, it needs considerable attention.




Fortunately, it was cheap!

Initial inspection reveals almost every panel bar the roof, boot lid, bonnet and one wing needs replacing or welding up. Also a lot of bits appear to have already been stripped. the engine has clearly not been run for some time - not sure at this point if it will ever run again! I haven't properly investigated the condition of the subframes, but I expect them to be in an ill state of repair. Everything else is either falling off or has already fallen off. A fine example indeed!

I have never attempted anything like this before. The biggest job I have previously carried out on a car was to change the brake discs and pads. HOWEVER, my overall aim with this project is to learn - and if I end up with a decent car at the end, great! Time is not a problem. It can happily sit in the garage for years while I work on it. I've got no deadlines.

Any advice or generous words of encouragement greatly appreciated! I've actually got no idea where to start, so I'm off to poke it a bit and flick through a restoration manual.

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