Sunday, 12 December 2010

Oct 10 2010

Right then! Its been ages since my last update because I've spent a month getting everything together to start on the bodywork. Despite spending more money on tools than I did buying the car in the first place, I'm still not ready, (I haven't done any metal work before, ever.) but at least I have some new toys :D

Almost needed a change of underwear when I fitted the regulator to the BOC cylinder... The instructions say "open the cylinder valve briefly first to get rid of any impurities", so I open the valve a bit expecting a little hiss. It turns out that 230 bar escaping makes more of a deafening roar. Whoops. Then spent most of the day setting up the welder, garage, workbench etc to make sure it was all as safe as possible. Was still convinced everything would catch fire/explode/worse when I actually had my first go. Anyway, I didn't die, but I made my first extremely shoddy practice welds!

Hopefully I can do better than this when I'm working on the car...

I don't really understand at the moment how to do a good butt weld. Leaving a little gap as I have read just means loads of blowing holes. Hmm. Back to the drawing board.

Was quite pleased with my first go at plug welding, but plenty of room for improvement...

At least I look the part!

Our washing machine died a death this week so I butchered it for more practice material. Stripped the paint of this side piece with a flap disc ready for another go tomorrow night.

I'm sure you will agree my collection of bits of metal is well exciting. Soon I might even do something mini related!

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