Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sep 4 2010

Hello! Another day of not-very-exciting progress, so I thought I'd post some pics of my cleaning efforts! :)

Almost everything is stripped out of the interior now. I'm leaving the steering in until I take the front subframe out in case I need to move the car.

I gave the engine bay a bit of a wipe so that I could better assess the magnificent rust damage. Here is the before...

...and after.

Apparently a drop or two of brake fluid has found its way onto the paintwork over the years. Haha. The loom is also out of the car now. I cannot for the life of me get the bolts off the hubs that hold the drive shafts on. Is there a knack to this? I whacked it a few times with an impact socket driver, but the socket fouls the ring underneath it...

The gear change mechanism has been lying around the garage in a filthy state since it came out...

So I attacked it with degreaser.

Headlining is now out. Is the stuff in this pic for sound deadening? There are sheets of it on the quarter panels too. Should I just scrape it off?

SO, I think its time to start seriously thinking about bodywork. Arghh!

First of all I am going to buy a mig welder and start practising on scrap. However, I have no idea about where to start on the car, as just about every panel apart from the roof needs attention. I'm inclined to tackle the front end first as that looks to be the most straight-forward. If anyone has an opinion on the best order to do things, please shout up! Is it worth me buying something like the haynes bodywork manual, or something similar? Any other recommendations? So far, my entire knowledge of the subject comes from reading The Mini Forum!

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