Sunday, 12 December 2010

Aug 22 2010


A friend very kindly lent me his engine crane... Awesome colour!

After much faff with unreachable bolts, the engine finally came out. I destroyed a ball joint separator on its first outing trying to release the upper suspension arms! Driveshafts were dead easy to get out though, despite the haynes manual talking about 'special tools'.


On first inspection, the subframe looks to be in pretty reasonable condition. By this point I was knackered after crawling around under the car for hours, so I called it a day before I got around to breaking out the degreaser.

I also picked up these bits which I was missing from Newark Autojumble today. Front bumper, grille and ancillaries for £35. A good deal I think!? Blossom approves. :)

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