Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Box Deluxe

Right, so... I got the battery box welded together. So much graft for one little box that you hardly even see!

Welded into the boot floor skin. Quite pleased with the finished product given the awkward curves involved. (Self tapping plasterboard screws saved the day!)

Next up was this shocking collection of rusty boot fittings. I was hoping to rescue some of them, but all but one turned out to be No Bloody Good.

I cut the shapes out of sheet steel and after liberal application of the panel hammer, I had this little lot.

In the meantime, I had offered up the boot floor. Also bolted the boot lid back on to make sure nothing had moved. The corners of the floor aren't lining up perfectly at the moment, so some surgery might be required.

Inside the car, things look pretty sweet. I just need to replace the crusty lower edge of the bulkhead.

At this point, I'm copying the definitive resource on rear bulkhead repairs, page 4 of Project Erm! Cheers Neil! I've started by reconstructing the middle bit to fit the contours of the new rear squab panel.

Thats all for today. Hopefully I'll get back on this tomorrow!

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