Sunday, 11 December 2011

Let There Be Wheel Arches

Can't believe its been over a month since I last posted an update... Oh well. ANYWAY...

With the boot floor in place, it was high time the grotty wheel arches got the chop. Just look at the state of it. Bleurgh.

A quick splurge on minispares, and these bad boys arrived:

Here is some fitting-in-progress on the o/s. I faffed around for ages trying to make sure I was positioning them in exactly the right place. I even went back to order the companion bin closing panels so that I could see how they fit in. (Should've bought the whole lot in one go really. Duh.)

I marked the flanges of the rear bulkhead and bootfloor onto the wheel arch with a scribe while it was clamped in position so that I knew exactly where to drill my plug holes when I took it off the car. Drilling the holes on the wheel arch itself meant I would only have to grind down welds inside the arch, which should be more manageable and also hopefully keep the interior of the car nice and neat (ish).

N/S arch welded in:

This is the current state of things at the end of the weekend - one arch in and one ready to go in, just waiting for the final weld. I might get that done one evening this week if I can man up to the cold!

Next up when both arches are in place is to get all the boot floor fittings in (which I made earlier). Then its on to the quarter panels, I think. I quite fancy a rear roll cage, so I also need to look into where the feet go and if they foul the companion bins...

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