Sunday, 4 March 2012

This Weekend, This Happened.

After much faff, I finally got the companion bin closing panel and slinging bracket welded in.

With those in place, this bit went on:

Bosh. This has got to be the most complicated area of metalwork on the whole car. It almost looks like I know what I'm doing.

Then at long last I got onto the final clamp up of the quarter panel. Decided it would be better to weld from inside the wheel arch as it would be easier to grind afterwards.

Much hammering and a zillion plug welds later:

The hardest thing was to get a straight line along the door step into the lower edge of the quarter panel. Its still not great but I'll revisit this when the inner sills are in. I've got a feeling the non-genuine heelboard was not helping as I had to give it a lot of hammer action to make the quarter fit properly.

Some of this will still need a lot of cleaning up but I was running out of time and energy by this point. I took extra care to spread the heat on the C post join because its in a really visible place.

Hopefully I've learnt a few things doing this side and the other side will come together much more quickly. :)

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