Sunday, 3 June 2012


Sorry everyone, but I finally decided enough is enough, and that I'd wasted enough of my life trying to save a mini that should have been scrapped long ago.

So I chopped the thing up and chucked it in a skip.


That was just the pile of rusty panels I had been hoarding since the beginning of the project. I've had a bit of time off the mini while I worked on revamping the kitchen, (hence the skip) but today I finally got back in the garage for the first time in a couple of months.

Posted Image

Yes thats our old fridge taking up valuable garage space while its waiting to be ebayed off.

In the meantime I did manage to get a couple of bits ordered. O/S heritage quarter panel and non-gen O/S door step! (Already started cutting the door step down to size.)

Posted Image

I also got one of these bad boys following miniBrain's recommendation. Its a spit roast jig from so that I can work on the floors. Have only opened the packaging so far, but can't wait to put it together.

Posted Image

I also sourced a scaffolding pole for it from a local supplier (you can see it on the floor in the first pic). Many lols indeed were had driving home with a 10' pole sticking out the back of my honda civic. :0

Thats all for now, but I promise to get some work done soon

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