Sunday, 30 September 2012

The whole damned operation is just a front!

So people on are saying the front panel is past it. I always suspected that eventually I might have to cut my losses and just fork out for a new one. For the time being though (perhaps stupidly) I'm refusing to give up!!! At least I can tell myself its good rust repair practise... ;)

So anyway, I finally got all the bits ready to weld back together. A collection of (I think) 100% rust-free parts. It took about 10 times longer than I expected to get to this point. *sigh*!

Subframe mounting points going in - taking care to keep them flat and straight. I still had the marks in the metal from where I cut the old spot welds out, so it was easy to get them back in the same place.

I temporarily fitted the grille I picked up at an autojumble ages ago to make sure I was lining up the slam and headlight surrounds properly.

Much clampling, measuring, and test fitting against the inner wings on the front end of the car. I also checked the fit of the one original wing I have left against the slam and lower panel to make sure the separation was correct. All good, I think.

Finally, with everything dressed down, etch primed over the new welds, and a coat of grey primer over everything.

For better or worse I'm calling the front panel done now. It can be put to one side while I concentrate on the floors, and I'll decide whether or not its good enough to keep when I come to putting the front end together.

Sorry for the long silence! I'll try to get in the garage a bit more over the next few weeks. 

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