Sunday, 9 September 2012


Whose idea was it to try to restore this bloody front panel? Its taking forever! I've been doing a bit of work on the slam panel. The ends had mostly rotted away where it had been welded to the other car, so I chopped them off and made up new bits to fit. Also paint stripped the whole lot with nitromors and a wire brush.

All welded on and etch primed. Seriously, this is some of the neatest welding I have ever done. Do not know how I managed it.

The headlight surrounds I had were not worth saving. As its quite a simple design I made a card template and cut some new ones out of sheet steel. A saving of 27 whole english pounds + delivery compared to buying the heritage panels! Will drill the holes when I've got it all together with the grille in place.

The lower front panel is also edging closer to completion. I welded on the repairs I had made previously, so now I just need to refit the brackets I and number plate mounts.

I've still got the original front panel from my car to use for reference when I come to put all this lot together. Hopefully it should all be OK!

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