Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fred Flintstone Conversion Part 3.

After getting the floor ready to fit last week, some knowledgable experts on the mini forum kindly reminded me that the MOT man will not be pleased to see the floor welded to the outside of teh heelboard.


A rethink was in order, so I made a little cut at each corner and bent the lip down with some mole grips. With the floor inside, I returned the lip to its correct position with the help of a calibrated impact tool (size: large). Glad I did this, because it looks much more factory this way.

The floor is plug welded in at the heelboard end, and I also added some stitch welds to the bottom for extra security. Then came the weldathon to attach the new floor to the tunnel. I took a long time over this, allowing each 5cm of seam weld to cool before moving on to avoid warping. Didn't do too badly. There is a bit more more welding to do under the rear squab and then a lot of grinding and tidying up, but I was pleased to get this far with it today. :)  

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