Monday, 21 January 2013

Floor: In The Can.

It was freezing cold in the garage this weekend, but alas, the paint was not going to strip itself off the tunnel and cross member...

I scrubbed some of the primer off the new floor while I was at it as I suspicious there might be some rust forming through the paint. It didn't seem to be an issue though as I only found bright metal.

I also took a wire brush and a shit-tonne of nitromors to the underseal on the under side of the tunnel. There is definitely surface rust going on here, so liberal kurust was applied.

While I was at it, I kurusted all the metal I had just stripped inside the car too.

Then primed. BLING! Like a new car!

I decided not to grind the seam welds on the underside fully flat as they won't be seen in normal conditions and I didn't feel the need to unnecessarily risk thinning the metal. I can always go back and do this later if I change my mind.

Also, following the wise words of some mini forum elders, I welded up the ends of the outer sills (which really should have gone inside the heelboard. whoops.)

So thats about it for the floors I think? There are some dodgy rust areas on the roof which I need to look at, but the next big job now will be the new front end. Exciting times!

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