Sunday, 10 February 2013

Spend It Like Beckham

Oh dear I might have accidentally been on another shopping spree. Its cool when parcels like this arrive though!

New rubber cones all round and new built up back plates for the front. Yes, I am sticking with drums! I had a serious look at reconditioning the original brake parts I took off the mini, but they were quite far gone.

I bought my first bit of bling... billet alloy rear subframe trunnions from DSN Classics. I can see how people get hooked on buying these billet alloy parts. So light and sexy!

Also got some other misc bits and bobs for the front subframe and suspension. Oh well, this car isn't going to build itself!

Back in the garage, I cleaned up the first batch of suspension parts worthy of saving and applied the usual POR15 goodness.

With no serious bodywork to do this weekend, it was about time I welded the steering rack mount back on. (Yes I did treat the rust in the photo beforehand!)

I managed to obliterate one of these thingies when I fitted the floors, so I cut a new one out of sheet steel.


I started stripping down the swivel hubs, but that job is on hold while I wait for a socket to be delivered for the ball joint retaining nuts. I'm also waiting on companion bin panels, which should arrive this week.

I need to look into the stone chipping process because I think I might need to do that after fitting the companion bins. I'm going to take the car off the spit and put it back on pallets when I fit the front end. Once the front end is on, there is no way to get the car back on the spit, so really I need to sort the underneath out while I've got easy access to it. HMMM. Need to do some research. If anyone has any thoughts, please shout up. :)

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