Sunday, 7 April 2013

Not Such A Great Bonnet

Hi all! Just a small update...

I had always thought the bonnet that came with the car was OK, and wouldn't need any work. I should be so lucky.

Oh dear. Apparently the factory had neglected to paint the bare metal before putting the thing together.

Thankfully I reckon I can deal with the situation without too much pain as the rust is superficial. I was surprised to find that the brace is mostly 'glued' to the skin with some mystery substance. Does anyone know what this is? I will need to get some to stick it back on at some point! The only welds were at the edges, so it came off quite easily. Will set about fixing all this stuff up as my next job.

Also made a little purchase from the For Sale section this week as my radius arms have had it. 

Now I just need some rear brakes and a few more bits and pieces and I will have everything I need for both subframes. :)

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