Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bonnet Fettle

Started trying to get the wings in place this weekend. Not an easy task! I'm trying to get the bonnet gaps as sweet as possible by fitting the wings in exactly the right place. I think I've made some progress, but I've got a little way to go yet...

In the photo above I think the bit of the OS wing that connects to the headlight surround should be behind, like I have set it up on the other side. I haven't been able to find any photos to verify it though. When I got the car this bit didn't even exist! Does anyone know?

NS gap is not too bad but I want to get it closer!

OS gap is also not too bad but some bonnet fettling is needed to match the profile of the wing.

The gap from bonnet to scuttle is pretty huge but maybe its supposed to look like this? I should have paid more attention to other clubbys at Himley! I'll see if I can force the wings backwards further to close it up an extra couple of mm.

I think the time and effort fettling this area will be worth it because I really want to avoid having to cut/extend the bonnet if at all possible.

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