Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Bee In My Bonnet

The bonnet is finally rust treated, back together, and in primer. At last. I got it to this stage before realising I should probably check the profile against the wings. OF COURSE the curvature was now quite a way off. Not good.

Then I remembered hearing that fitters at Longbridge used a chunk of wood to lever doors into the aperture when they didn't fit. Throwing caution to the wind I hand bent the profile of the bonnet into shape and all was well. Sounds dirty but it is fine now. (The hinges are in place here because I was checking the fit to the scuttle).

I bought some tubes of this PU18 sealant from ebay as recommended by a TMF member. This was used to stick the brace to the skin as it is only welded at the edges. I can also use it for seam sealing which is nice.

With the bonnet in one piece, I could fit the hinge brackets I made up ages ago. I positioned them by sitting in the engine bay with the bonnet, scuttle and wings clamped in place. Can't believe I didn't take a photo of the car like this. Oh well.

With the hinge brackets sorted, the scuttle could go on. I deleted the extra wiper holes first by welding in some little discs of steel.

Job done.

The profile of the new scuttle married up quite well with the A pillar. I will tidy this up further at a later date.

Sadly, while I was working in this area, I noticed that rust was starting to come through the primer on the front bulkhead. Not happy at all. There was basically only one thing to do. 

Back to bare metal.

Then proper rust treatment with my favourite POR15. Seriously. I should be on commission. You can paint over this stuff, so its all good.

Surfaces where the wings will be fitted are also painted and ready.

The wings are going on next! Rock and indeed Roll. :)

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