Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Brief intermission from bodywork! Decided to do something mechanical! First up: rear brakes. The only serviceable original parts that were on the car were the handbrake levers and one wheel cylinder. Everything else is new. Glad I picked up the little tool at Himley (bottom right) to fit the cylinder retaining clip. :) The Haynes manual was also very handy.

Not to shabby. Must admit I find doing this stuff really satisfying. Its like adult lego!

Then I drifted the new wheel bearings into the swivel hubs with the help of a rubber mallet. I had already shimmed up and fitted new ball joints. 

I cheated with the front brakes and bought them pre-built because it worked out cheaper.

Not to shabby considering the humble rusty origins of these swivel hubs! The only original parts here are the hubs, steering arms and some bolts. I found some nice stainless steering arm retaining plates at smiffy's bits, but you can't see them here because I took the photo from the wrong angle. Derp.

Finally, on I was up late having a beer and browsing ebay when my finger slipped and I accidentally bought these awesome 100+ alloys!

They are in need of some reconditioning, and of course the green has to go and be replaced with black; but this is exactly the kind of wheel I have been looking for. Of the period, 10 x 5, and not available to buy new. :)

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