Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bracket Fail

While I was working on the A panels, I also tried to put the rear subby together. Everything was gravy until I came to bolt the radius arm brackets on. OH DEAR.

So basically, when I had welded new captive nuts into the subby earlier in the project, I did so assuming the mounting face of the bracket should be flush with the end of the subframe. WRONG! That meant that when the radius arm was fitted the bracket is misaligned. Le sigh.

I didn't want to cut the subby apart again, so I opted for modifying the brackets slightly. This will be a pain if I ever upgrade to cambered brackets because I will have the same problem again. All told though, the subby isn't in the greatest nick anyway, so if I end up doing major suspension upgrades, I might as well just get a new subby.

SO. Cutting disc out...

Weld up again.

Sorted. I did this on both sides. Pictured here with my new-old recon radius arms and retrosport billet subframe mounts.

Bling! New cones and cleaned up trumpets in place, and brand new brakes and bearings fitted. I cleaned up the old hubs as they were fine.

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