Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mini Me

Long time no post again. The mini has been firmly on the back burner of late because of the arrival of this guy...

...our awesome son Sebastian, born on 8/9/13!

Before Seb was born though, I managed to get the A panels on. Lip was bent around using mole grips, a rag and a block of wood.

All welded up.

Primer on.

Other side!


Unfortunately, I may have made a boo boo on the drivers side. I cut out a section of the flitch lip early on in the project because I thought I needed to. I realised just recently (after fitting the A panel) that I think I was wrong to do that because the door hinges now won't fit in the gap. AAARGGH. The A panel may well have to come off again to fix the problem.

I also added some factory-style finishing pieces to connect the A panel to the wings.

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