Sunday, 4 September 2016

Wheeeeeeels On

I put some bits on the car!
The original fuel pipe and battery cable turned out to be unusable so new ones were sourced and fitted. Salvaged the original brake pipe though! Then the rear subframe went on...

The recon radius arms I bought a couple of years ago were starting to show rust through the paint (AARRGH!) so I repainted them again just in hammerite straight-to-rust because its easy and basically OK in my opinion for bits like this.

Feels like progress! At this photo the top of the damper is nowhere near mounted in the rear arch because rubber cone is so stiff it win't reach any higher. I guess when the weight of the car is on it, it will compress down a bit more easily?

Drums painted, hub cap fitted, ready to actually put a wheel on my mini...


At the same time as sorting out the rear end, I have also been getting ready to mount the front subframe. The steering rack has been cleaned, repainted and refitted with new boots added. 

I also tidied up the original steering column. Here it is after a rub down ready for repainting.

And here it is looking a bit nicer fitted in the car with the new steering wheel. I bought a minispares drop bracket, but my tiny mind cannot work out how to fit it. Suspect it may be for a later model...

Really eager to get the front subframe on next because its taking up precious space in the garage! Also cannot wait to get the doors on, but I'm currently in-progress rebuilding the hinges for the bazillionth time because of stripped thread on the bolts. Baby steps!

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