Sunday, 1 January 2017

OK windscreen, I don't like you and you don't like me, but lets do this!

This has to been one of the toughest jobs I have done on the car (except for getting the doors to fit).

Tried many times to fit the windscreen glass but no joy. The aperture was just too small to get the glass in the seal. Finally bit the bullet and used a carbide burr to enlarge the aperture to a consistent height of 414mm along the screen. Then after repainting the bare metal, I had another go...

First off, soaked the rubber in hot water for half an hour.

Seal mounted in frame quite easily.

Much pain later, (but easier than before) the glass is finally in the seal. Used lots of lightly diluted fairy liquid!

Here it is with the trim strip installed.

The flimsy tool I bought from minispares wasn't up to the job at all, and broke pretty quickly. Here is my home-bodged rebuilt version, welded back together and attached to an old screwdriver handle.

The back window was a doddle by comparison!

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