Thursday, 24 November 2016

Drop Glass Lights

Started adding the door fittings. We now have a door that opens from both handles closes and locks from the key and the interior lever :) 

I've applied one sheet of 187mm x 265mm silent coat to the door skin. Not sure if this is enough to be effective as its smaller than the original stuff that was on there before. May look into this further.

Also got my autojumbled chrome handles on...

I've been working on preparing the glass to go back in. Sourced a razor blade scraper tool which worked really well to clean the glass. The glass isn't in amazing condition anyway, but its much improved without a fine cloud of paint covering it. I also removed and rust-repaired one of the runners which has suffered from water ingress. Then I painted all of them (not including the surfaces in contact withe the regulator) to try to give them a bit more protection for the future.

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  1. Hi there, just came across your blog - it's a lifesaver! I'm restoring a 1977 Mini 1000, just putting it all back together now. Your pics are a great reference, especially when it comes to fitting the boot seal, as mine was originally glued on. Your car looks stunning!!

    Cheers, Rob.