Sunday, 13 November 2016

Down To Earth

The car is finally down on its wheels! Its sitting really high at the moment on the new rubber cones.


I haven't fitted the rubber bump stops yet, and the suspension is holding the car up so high I can't attach the dampers. Will wait until the engine is in to compress the cones a little.


I'll be looking at the drive shafts next, but I need to buy new washers as I cut the old ones off when they were removed.


The screw threads on the track rods were corroded where they had been exposed (see pic below), so I ran a die through them to clean them up. This allowed the track rod ends to be screwed further in to straighten up the front wheels.

Current job is to work out how all of these door bits and pieces go back together. I've also been preparing the glass to go back in, and realised one front window is has got some fine paint spray all over it, so may have to source another.


Also, here are some 'before and after' pics I put together for fun to compare with the state it was in before. The top ones are from when I first got the car in 2010. 

Subframe mounts:

Drivers side floor and sills:

Rear quarter:


Thanks for looking!

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