Saturday, 18 November 2017

Drive Shaft Refurb

Hi! Moving along slowly with cleaning manky stuff up and putting back on the car. Glad to finally be tackling these minging drive shafts which have been cluttering up the garage for literally years.


Degreased and hosed down, dried, new cv grease and new boots fitted, shafts painted. Photobomb by haynes manual which is my bible lately.


Unfortunately the plastic tie wraps supplied with the boots are No Bloody Good because they foul the hub. lolwut. Yes it is annoying how rusty that brake pipe thingy has gotten just sitting there in the garage :(


Ordered up some of these stainless jobbies, but still had to hammer the raised thingy flat for them to fit. 


I also stripped down the gear linkage, pedals and pedal box, and some other bits. The steel bits are now soaking in a vinegar bath to remove rust, then I'll kurust and repaint.


Fitted up a few more bits to the back end of the car. Here is my new petrol cap picked up at Himley Hall the other week. :) Its just resting in place as the fuel tank still isn't fitted because I'm waiting for some new nuts for the rear dampers.


Gear stick and handbrake lever are just visible in the background, part way through the refurb process. 


I've also started thinking about the electrics. I cleaned up the loom which thankfully seems to be mostly intact, although I haven't tested it yet. I put a new Lucas fuse box in place and soldered bullet connectors to the head lamps as they had a much later unknown plug on them.


Thats all for now!

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