Saturday, 18 November 2017

Hydraulics Overhaul

I finished cleaning up the gear linkage.


And got that put back together. Really need to get hold of a decent gear knob at some point because the one I have is old and manky.


Next on the list was to take a look at the hydraulics. I decided to try rebuilding the clutch slave cylinder with a minispares repair kit, since the bore seemed to be in OK condition.


Here are all the bits cleaned up ready to go together.

And the finished article.


Then onto the master cylinder. It started off in a very grotty state as you can see, but again, since the important bits seemed to be OK I got another repair kit.

I soaked the cylinder in malt vinegar for a week to get rid of as much corrosion as possible, then wire brushed, primed and painted. Here is the rebuilt cylinder.

Needed a new hose, and the braided version was only a few quid more. So nice! I can see how buying performance parts gets addictive.
As for the brake master cylinder, I decided not to try to rebuild this thing in the end.

I took it all to pieces - unfortunately destroying the plastic pressure switch in the process, which is out of production. I thought about getting a rebuild kit and the newer cap with integrated warning switch, then just blanking the old hole with a bolt. After much umming and arring, and after reading some stuff which claimed the design of the cylinder wasn't too great in the first place, I decided to spend a few quid more and get a new GMC227 yellow tab version.

So this is the engine bay so far. Oh yes I also cleaned up and painted the wiper motor.


...and here is the interior with gear stick in, handbrake connected up, pedal box and dials in place. I've also got the front and rear looms in and have begun connecting things up. :)


Coming soon: finally going to start working on the engine!


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