Saturday, 18 November 2017

Right then! Engine strip-down!

I picked up the awesome Ultimate Mini Builder DVD to help me with this. I'm not building a 1380 engine, but it really helped to see someone doing the strip-down process. 

Here is the starting point.


I locked the flywheel with an old piece of metal and removed the front pulley, then the timing cover and timing gears and chain. 


Picked up the essential flywheel tool to remove the flywheel - pre-verto on my car.


No big bangs here, it just eventually gave way and eased off.


Behind that, things appeared to be in good order. :)


On to removing the rockers and push rods, keeping them in order.


Then off came the head. Looks manky in there, but given that there is no obvious damage, I am hoping this all looks OK to be reconditioned and rebuilt. The crank turned smoothly.


Gearbox. No missing teeth. Again everything appears to be able to turn smoothly.


Block on the bench ready to remove crank and pistons.


Crank bearings appear to be in good condition. Well lubricated and no obvious wear.


Con rods and pistons out and labelled.


Many dirty bits! Maybe I should invest in a parts washer.


I've never rebuilt an engine before, so this weekend I am off to talk to some professionals to find out what to do next! :)

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